Greetings from the Reeve


Lethbridge County Reeve

Lorne Hickey, Reeve
Lethbridge County

Throughout the years, Lethbridge County has become synonymous with tremendous agricultural production and indeed, this is what drives our local economy.

However, there is much more to this area than just cattle and crops. There is our young, energetic and hard-working labour force, our favourable location within the province and an increasing number of businesses incorporating innovative practices within their operations, improving the quality and availability of the services required to make this region successful.

Lethbridge County is an important centre for research, particularly as it relates to crop production, land use and animal husbandry. The Lethbridge Research Centre, along with the Lethbridge Animal Diseases Research Institute employs over 400 people, many of whom are PhD level scientists. These researchers focus on food-safety and methods for increasing agricultural production while making efficient land use a top priority.

We are excited about the potential we have to expand our industry base and explore new opportunities for economic development in the County.

Alternative Energy development has emerged as a front-runner for this region, due to the abundance of natural resources associated with wind, solar and bio-energy. We are fortunate that in the face of volatile commodity prices, farmers and producers in this region may soon have the opportunity to look at new markets for their crops and this includes selling them as inputs to those companies with the foresight and desire to produce energy and fuel sources from these agricultural products.

Lethbridge County is more than just 1,080 farms and ranches with a smattering of townships throughout. We are perfectly positioned to attract the investors, professionals and labour force necessary to diversify into an economic force both locally, nationally and internationally.