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Key functions in this department include: liaise with the Agriculture Service Board (ASB), control restricted and/or noxious weeds on public and private lands, roadside mowing and weed spraying programs, and water and soil quality management activities.

The Agricultural Service Board is committed to the promotion of the quality of life in a rural environment by providing services, information and new technology in liaison with other governments, jurisdictions, agencies and industry by establishing policy that insures statutory requirements and the collective interests of clients are met.  Several key pieces of provincial government legislation that are enforced are the Weed Control Act; the Agricultural Service Board Act; the Soil Conservation Act; the Agricultural Pests Act and the Agricultural Chemicals Act.  The board receives a portion of its funding from the provincial government for carrying out these acts at the ground roots level.  The board rents specific equipment to citizens and carries out mowing, spraying and seeding programs for industry, landowners, other County departments and a number of school grounds and parks in the County.  The Agricultural Department partners with the province and employs a soil technician and GIS programmer to deliver Alberta environmentally sustainable agriculture initiatives.  Vegetation control in the County on road right-of-ways along with weed inspection on private land are a large portion of the duties carried out.  Hamlet and subdivision mowing along with a farm Shelterbelt program are also offered.

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Agricultural Services - Maintenance

1. Roadside Spraying

Roadside spraying is a necessary component of ASB operations in order to control the growth of noxious and prohibited noxious weeds on County right of ways to ensure our compliance with the Alberta Weed Control Act. Two boom mounted three ton trucks are utilized to blanket spray approximately 1150 kilometers of right of way and spot spray another 2300 kilometers of right of way each year. Land owners may enter into a “No Spray Zone” agreement with Lethbridge County if they do not wish to have the right of way adjacent to their property sprayed.

2. Equipment Rental

Lethbridge County Agriculture Service board has 2x8 foot Brillion drills for rent.  These drills are appropriate for seeding grass and Alfalfa on land that has been previously worked.

The Agriculture Service Board also loans out various agriculture related items. These items include a grain bag roller as well as magpie and skunk traps.

Producers wishing to rent or borrow equipment can call the Agriculture Service Board for more info at (403) 732-5333.

For Rent (includes delivery and pick up)
2X2016 Model Year- 8 Foot Brillion Drills
Bale Processor for Soil Conservation
8 Foot straw crimper for Soil Conservation
*Please call for current rental prices.

To Lend
Chisel Plow with Lister shovels for emergency soil conservation
Tree Planter for seedlings
Plastic Mulcher for seedlings or Strawberry’s (does not included mulch)
2XGallagher RFID Tag readers
Magpie Traps
Skunk Traps
Kirchner Ag Plastics roller for grain bags or silage plastic

3. Pest Control

The Pest Control program involves a wide variety of activities including providing information and equipment to landowners for the control of problem skunks, raccoons, magpies and coyotes. All Norway rat sightings and suspected rabies infected animals are investigated and dealt with in cooperation with the appropriate government departments. Surveys for pests such as grasshopper, wheat stem sawfly, bacterial ringrot, Bertha armyworm, clubroot and fusarium graminearum are also conducted by ASB staff as directed by Alberta Agriculture and the ASB. Information on the Alberta Fusarium and Alberta Clubroot Management Plans can be accessed by going to the following links:

4. Soil Conservation

The Agriculture Service Board is mandated by the Alberta Soil Conservation Act to “prevent the loss or deterioration of soil from taking place.” Cycles of freezing and thawing throughout the winter and periods of high winds make our soil very susceptible to erosion. In the event of erosion taking place the ASB has equipment such as a bale processor, straw crimper, chisel plow equipped with Lister shovels and heavy equipment equipped with rippers available to assist landowners.

5. Weed Inspection

A weed inspector is employed year round, during the growing season carrying out inspections for noxious and prohibited noxious weeds on all public and private lands within Lethbridge County not including cities and towns unless appointed. During the winter season the inspector collects seed samples and conducts inspections for licensing all seed cleaning plants operating within County boundaries as required under the Weed Control Act. The following links lists:

6. Mowing

The mowing program entails the mowing of at least three meters on each side of 1700 kilometers of gravel roads and four meters each side of 200 kilometers of paved and cold mix roads. Mowing is necessary to assist graders in maintaining shoulders, reduce snow from drifting on roads and to increase line of sight at intersections and approaches. All hamlets, subdivisions and cemeteries within the County are also mowed for aesthetics and weed control.

7. Shelterbelt Tree Program

2013 was the final year landowners could receive trees from the PFRA Shelterbelt Program.  The cancellation of this program ended of over 100 years of providing free trees to farmers and other landowners.  The program was originally started to establish shelterbelts across the prairies in an effort to prevent soil erosion.

Lethbridge County has many tree nurseries that provide residents with locally grown trees that should do well in our environment.  For your best tree options please contact one of the local tree nurseries.

If you would like more information regarding Agricultural Services for the County, please contact:

Gary Secrist
Supervisor of Agriculture Services

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