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The planning policies listed on this webpage are published in compliance with s. 638.2 of the Municipal Government Act (click the link to view:

Provincial documents
Click the links to view the following documents:

- Subdivision and Development Regulations
- South Saskatchewan Regional Plan 2014-2024
- Agricultural Operation Practices Act

Statutory Plans
Municipalities enact statutory plans to guide future development and to facilitate local planning. A statutory plan must meet requirements for public notification or engagement, and is adopted by County Council bylaw. Statutory plans include:
Municipal Development Plan - This document outlines a comprehensive vision for the County addressing the type of development that is desired and some of the important characteristics of the area that members of the community feel are worth preserving and protecting. Click the link to view:
Intermunicipal Development Plan - Intermunicipal development plans outline how municipalities will work together, and address areas of mutual concern. Click the link to view:
Area Structure Plan – An Area Structure Plan (ASP) is a statutory plan, adopted by Bylaw which provides a framework for redesignation, subdivision and development of an area of land. Click the link to view:

Planning Bylaws
The Land Use Bylaw (LUB) is a regulatory document that governs what development or uses may be permitted on a piece of property depending on that property's zoning. Lick the link to view Lethbridge County Land Use Bylaw No. 1404:
Click the link to view the LUB maps:

Click the links below to view the following bylaws:
- Bylaw 1392 – Development Authority Appointment
- Bylaw 1457 – Subdivision and Development Appeal Board
- Bylaw 1103 – Municipal Subdivision Authority
- Bylaw 1124 – Delegate the Authority to Grant Time Extensions on Subdivision Approvals and Registration
- Bylaw 1257 – Oldman River Regional Services Commission

Miscellaneous Bylaws
Click the links to view the following bylaws:
- Municipal Addressing, Bylaw 1348 -,
- Animal Control Bylaw, Bylaw 17-008 -
- Regulate Storm Water Drainage, Bylaw 1264 -
- Unsightly Premise, Bylaw 1402 -
- Noise Bylaw, Bylaw 1406 -
- Dog Regulation & Control, Bylaw 1405 -
- Highway Protection Bylaw, Bylaw 1453 -
- Schedule of Fees, Bylaw 19-003 -
- Bylaw 862 – Airport Vicinity Protection Area
- Bylaw 1139 – Establishing the Prerequisites for Operation a Business within the Lands of the Lethbridge County Airport
- Bylaw 1312- Water
- Bylaw 1313- Wastewater

Non-statutory policies
Non-statutory policies may include plans, guidelines or other policies that can be used to guide planning and development. They may be used, along with applicable statutory plans and bylaws, in making planning decisions. Non-statutory policies may be adopted by County Council, or by County Administration.

Planning & Development Policies
Click the links to view the following policies:
- Lethbridge County: Industrial-Commercial Land Use Strategy, October 2016 -
- Lethbridge County: Integrated Community Sustainability Plan, October 2009 -
- Monarch Growth Study -
- Turin Growth Study -
- Environmentally significant areas in the Oldman River Region
- Area Structure Plans, Policy 144 -

Relevant Municipal Services & Public Works Policies for Planning & Development
Click the links to view the following policies:
- Engineering Guidelines -
- Malloy Drain Master Drainage Plan -
- Construction projects within County Boundaries, Policy 300 -
- Approach construction guidelines, Policy 310 -
- Construction of Public Road Allowances, Policy 311 -
- Fencing, Policy 313 -
- Buried electrical line installation and rural crossing regulations, Policy 321 -
- Traffic Information Sign Requests, Policy 350 -
- Designated Haul Routes (Policy 351) -
- Road Use, Policy 352 -
- Guiding Principles for water and waste water systems, Policy 400 series -
- Non-Hamlet water users – Shaughnessy, Policy 402 –
- Non-Hamlet water users – Iron Springs, Policy 403 –
- Local improvements water & wastewater installations, Policy 404 –