Subdivision Application


The planners for Lethbridge County are contracted through Oldman River Regionals Services Commission (ORRSC) based out of Lethbridge.

To apply to have your land subdivided, fill out the Subdivision Application Form and send it, along with the application fee, to ORRSC.

It is recommended that you consult with a planner at ORRSC or the County prior to submitting a subdivision application.  The planner then prepares the subdivision information and presents this to the County Council who will render the final decision.

The developer is responsible to adhere to any conditions attached to the approved subdivision.  All conditions of the subdivision approval have to be met prior to the subdivision being endorsed and registered with Land Titles.

For more information, please call Steve Harty, Planner at ORRSC at:
Phone: (403) 329-1344
Toll free phone: 1 (877) 329-1387