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Lethbridge County is on target for meeting its 2016 budget for the Market Access Network however, due to higher than anticipated gravel costs the total number of miles was reduced to 4 ½ miles of upgrade and 12 ½ miles of full calcium base stabilization. Road reconditioning for the calcium chloride base stabilization treatment finished at the end of August, with bridge replacement and repairs scheduled for fall 2016 and into winter 2017 while the irrigation canals are closed.

Revenue generated in 2016 through the Business Tax and Special Tax have been utilized to improve roads and bridges as follows:

Market Access Network 2016 Construction Costs


Roads treated with calcium chloride base stabilization 




Range Road 20-3 (from Highway 519 to Township Road 12-0)

Township Road 12-0 (from Range Road 20-3 to Range Road 22-2)



9.7 km  (6 mi)

17.7 km   (11 mi)



Bridge Replacement and Repairs                           *Construction on bridges scheduled for fall 2016 into winter 2017.



Bridge Replacement File #79604 (On Township Road 8-2)

Bridge Replacement File #79602 (On Range Road 20-4)

Local Bridge Repairs                                       









Map - 2016 Calcium Base Constructiion

*Click map to download pdf version.

Map - 2016 Bridge Construction MAN

*Click map to download pdf version.