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Construction Costs


Is it cheaper to contract out road maintenance and bridge repairs?

The County has hired external contractors to recondition some of our roads. When comparing the costs between the contractor and internal resources the following variables were taken into consideration: surveying, locating, seeding, mobilization, shoulder pull, wages, supervision and project management. The results are contracting costs are $29,500/mile vs internal costs of $20,000/mile.

The County currently contracts out all bridge repairs and replacements; however, they are currently investigating the feasibility and efficiency of performing bridge work with internal resources.

Why don’t the irrigation districts contribute to the costs of repairing our bridges?

The County has no legislated authority to make the irrigation districts contribute to infrastructure repairs within its boundaries. SMRID has worked with the County in the past and replaced some bridges that are within the boundaries. Administration continues to work with its neighbours to seek additional support.

Construction Costs