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How We Got Here


How We Got Here

  • Farmland assessment frozen since 1995
  • Minimal oil and gas revenue (linear assessment)
  • Grants are limited
  • Standards that roads were built to in 1950s-1980s did not anticipate the size and volume of the heavy haulers we have now

Weight Restrictions

Asset Deterioration Curve

  • The below chart represents the overall status of our Market Access Network
  • Lethbridge County’s assets are deteriorating and it is time we start to reinvest in our Market Access Network

Asset Deterioration Curve 2016

Funding Criteria

  1. $3.5 Million be raised for roads and bridges
  2. Residential and non-residential assessment classes are not to increase because of this initiative
  3. Fair and equitable among users
  4. Must meet the requirements of the Municipal Government Act

Bridge Replacement

What's at Risk?

  • $1.12 Billion in producers’ revenue
  • Road and bridge closures - increased detour length
  • Increased safety and liability risks
  • Maintenance and repair costs increase exponentially
  • Adapting to changing mobile infrastructure (tractors, heavy haulers)