Lethbridge County
Lethbridge County
#100, 905 - 4th Avenue South
Lethbridge, Alberta
T1J 4E4
Telephone: (403)328-5525
Fax: (403)328-5602
email: mailbox@lethcounty.ca
Online Maps
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Online Maps

  1. Bus Route Map 2011
  2. County Landownership Map 2014
  3. County Landownership DEM Map 2014
  4. County Landownership Booklet Map 2014
  5. Lethbridge County Projects Map 2014
  6. Dust Control District Map 2013
  7. Electoral Divisions Map 2013
  8. Fire Emergency Service Zones Map 2013
  9. Hamlet Map 2013
  10. Haul Routes Map 2013
  11. Industrial Parks Map 2013
  12. Irrigation Map 2013
  13. Land Cover Map 2013
  14. Land Use Map 2013
  15. Lethbridge Airport Business Map 2013
  16. Road Map 2013
  17. School District Map 2013
  18. Soils Map 2013
  19. Subdivision Map 2013
  20. Tourism Map 2014
  21. Transfer Station Location Map 2014
  22. Truck Fill Station Location Map 2013

Please note, some of these maps are large in file size and may take a while to download.

The downloadable maps are approximately 36x36 square inches (but can be printed any size depending on your use).

Lethbridge County Land Ownership map is available to purchase at the following prices (GST included):

  • 36x36 square inch map - $21.00 (available at Lethbridge Administration office only)
  • 11x17 inch booklet - $31.50 (available at Lethbridge Administration office only)

Landowner names are placed on parcels that are 40 acres in size and larger.

Lethbridge County does NOT supply maps of other counties or municipalities.

Please contact the Oldman River Regional Services Commission in Lethbridge at: Phone (403) 329-1344 for availability of other municipal maps.

2009 Color Ortho Photos

Digital copies of our 2009 Color Ortho Photos are now available for purchase through Challenger Geomatics (select the link below):

Lethbridge County

Challenger’s Mapping Room

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