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Bylaw Enforcement

To report a problem for bylaw enforcement, click here: Report a Problem

Lethbridge County Regulatory Services aims to make Lethbridge County a safer, peaceful and economically sustainable community.  All municipal and some provincial law enforcement and educational services fall under the Regulatory branch of the Lethbridge County Emergency Services Department.  The County employs a Community Peace Officer who is authorized to enforce all County Bylaws and a number of Provincial Acts and Regulations (Traffic Safety Act, Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act, Animal Protection Act, Highways Development and Protection Act, etc.).

Lethbridge County is an active member of the Southern Alberta Road Safety Society.  The Southwest Alberta Road Safety Society delivers educational road safety programs to partnering communities in Southwest Alberta, and is dedicated to saving lives on Alberta roads.  Look for our Community Peace Officer participating in the following educational activities in this region:

  • Road Safety Education in Schools K-12
  • Child Car Seat Inspections & Information Sessions
  • Roll Over Simulator (Occupant Restraint Education)
  • Fatal Vision (Impaired Driving Education)
  • Distracted Driving Presentations
  • Speed Presentations
  • Intersection Safety Presentations
  • P.A.R.T.Y. Program
  • Street Safe Program
  • Recreation Vehicle Education & Inspections
  • Joint Force Education Events (On Highway)
  • Community Trade Shows
  • Progressive Agriculture Safety Day Events

Why did Lethbridge County decide to implement the Community Peace Officer Program?

The CPO Program was implemented to ensure the safety of our citizens and the protection of County infrastructure, and to provide additional support to the RCMP.  Lethbridge County covers a large area, and RCMP services are shared with other municipalities. 

What does the CPO do?

The Community Peace Officer is appointed by the Alberta Justice and Solicitor General’s Office and the role is two-fold: education and enforcement.  The Peace Officer raises public awareness on some of the rules and regulations that fall under provincial law and municipal bylaw.  

The CPO is authorized to enforce all County Bylaws and a few Provincial Acts and Regulations including:

  • Traffic Safety Act- speeding, failing to stop at a stop sign, distracted driving, and other moving/non-moving violations under the Act
  • Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act- improper disposal or littering of waste on public or private lands and highways
  • Animal Protection Act- responding to animals that are abandoned or in distress
  • Highways Development and Protection Act

Protection of County infrastructure is a primary focus for our CPO. Overweight commercial vehicles traveling on County roads and over County bridges can cause severe and costly damage to those transportation routes. Our CPO travels with portable scales for on-the-spot verification of commercial vehicle weight checks and will enforce all laws related to weights and measurements, load security, transportation of hazardous materials and commercial vehicle certification.

The CPO works a variety of shift schedules and patrols all areas of Lethbridge County.

Is a CPO the same as the RCMP?

No.  While the CPO enforces some of the same Provincial Regulations as the RCMP (ie. Traffic Safety Act), their  roles and responsibilities are not the same.  The Peace Officer position is not a 911 emergency response position and the officer is not authorized to enforce the Criminal Code.  The Criminal Code includes theft, breaking and entering, firearms offences, etc.

What are the other law enforcement agencies that serve the area?

Other law enforcement agencies serving Lethbridge County include:

  • The Alberta Sheriffs Department- court security, prisoner transportation and other protection services
  • Transport Officers- assist with the enforcement of federal and provincial commercial vehicle statutes
  • Fish and Wildlife Officers- part of the provincial team for environmental protection and conservation

How do I contact the CPO?

A: Call (403) 634-0755 to speak to the Officer.