Certificate of Compliance

What is a Certificate of Compliance?

A Compliance Certificate is confirmation from Lethbridge County on whether or not development on a property meets with the regulations of the Land Use Bylaw.  This compliance review of a property is based on a Real Property Report of the property.

When Do I Need One?

A Compliance Certificate is usually a condition placed on the seller by either the purchaser or their lending institution in order to protect their clients' investments.  Standard real estate purchase contracts often require the seller to obtain a Compliance Certificate.

Lethbridge County does not require residents to obtain a Compliance Certificate; however, it is provided as a service when requested.

A Compliance Certificate can be requested when:

  • real estate is sold, or purchased
  • financial institutions require a statement when approving mortgages
  • lawyers representing home buyers may request a statement
  • standard residential real estate purchase contracts

A request for a Compliance Certificate must be accompanied by an original copy of the Real Property Report of the subject parcel, prepared by an Alberta Land Surveyor.  If the date of the Real Property Report is not current with the date of the compliance request, the County will only verify whether or not the development shown, as of the date of the Real Property Report, complies with the requirements of the Land Use Bylaw.

How to Apply

Applications are accepted in person or by mail. In person applications are Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, on a first-come, first-served basis.

Applications by mail should be sent to the address below:

Lethbridge County
#100, 905 - 4th Avenue South
Lethbridge, Alberta T1J 4E4


  • An original copy of the Real Property Report that includes the legal description, and municipal address of the property
  • Payment for the fee - current Schedule of Fees

Fax copies, unclear plans and plot plans will not be accepted. Applications take 3-5 business days to process.  Real Property Reports deemed in compliance with the Land Use Bylaw will receive a Letter of Compliance.

Confirmation of Zoning

At the request of a landowner, the Development Authority can issue an official letter confirming the land use designation (or zoning) of any parcel in the County. There is a fee for this service - current Schedule of Fees

Did You Know?

As a result of a review of the file for a Compliance Certificate, landowners may be required to obtain the necessary permits for buildings constructed without permits as well as encroachments rectified or permitted under agreement with Lethbridge County.  An encroachment occurs when an owner's buildings, eaves, retaining walls, decks, fences etc. have been constructed on or over County or public property (utility rights-of-way or public road rights-of-way).  To discuss encroachments with Lethbridge County, please contact Planning & Development at 403-328-5525.