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Economic Development

Lethbridge County Economic Development logo.  Includes Lethbridge County logo, tagline "Where Businesses Grow", and icons of a tractor, factory, wind turbine, small shop, and cow.

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Lethbridge County is in the fortunate position of being able to build on its strengths to support existing industry, while at the same time moving forward embracing new developments in agriculture, alternative/renewable energy, and transportation.

Agriculture has evolved in leaps and bounds since the County came into being in 1964. Technologies have all come together to make agriculture more efficient, more productive, more scientific and less risky. The County has an enviable local level of high quality research facilities for agriculture through the Agricultural Research Station, the University of Lethbridge and Lethbridge College.

Bio-industrial development is the production of renewable energy, renewable chemicals, and organically grown material for applications such as engineering and construction. Lethbridge Biogas produces renewable energy based on products from the local agricultural sector.

Lethbridge County is fortunate to have well-developed transportation infrastructure including road, rail and air transport, as well as plenty of available land along each for further development. The CP Rail Yard at Kipp is operating at almost full capacity and growth is rapid at Transmark Ltd. rail facility at Wilson’s siding. Lethbridge Airport offers air services such as passenger operations, flight school, aerial spraying operations, and more.

The County has developed a vibrant commercial/industrial sector. These businesses are concentrated in the County’s four main industrial parks: Broxburn, RAVE, Stewart Siding and Duncan.

Lethbridge County is in an enviable position of having a strong local economy on which to build. With agriculture, energy and transportation all being economic sectors that will never become obsolete or unnecessary (although the technologies will continue to evolve and change), the County seems well-positioned for sustainable, profitable growth for its businesses and citizens.

Employment opportunities are available in many areas including agriculture, manufacturing, service, retail and professional services.

If you would like more information regarding Economic Development for Lethbridge County, please contact:

Toll-free North America: 855-728-5525