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Development Permits

Do I Need a Development Permit?

Development permits and approvals need to be obtained for new construction, renovations, and changes to how a building or land is being used.

The Development Planner must review the application to ensure it complies with the County’s Land Use Bylaw. The Land Use Bylaw outlines the types of development allowed in each land use district and the rules and regulations governing those uses.

In some cases, applicants may have to apply for a re-designation prior to making a Development Permit application.

When You Need a Permit

Some projects requiring a permit include:

  • new buildings (ie. residences, garage, shop, commercial or industrial buildings)
  • additions
  • decks, in designated residential areas (ie. hamlets and grouped country residential areas)
  • replacement or repair of existing buildings
  • change in use, or intensity of use, of land or buildings
  • some signs

When a Permit is Not Required

Development permits are not required for some types of construction if they comply with all the rules of the Land Use Bylaw. However, these projects may require a building permit prior to construction. Some of the projects that do not require a development permit include:

  • some agricultural buildings- please call Planning and Development before constructing to determine if a permit is required
  • fences, walls, gates, parking pads, sheds under 100 sq. feet
  • interior alterations to a residence, unless it changes the number of dwelling units

To confirm whether or not a project requires a development permit, contact Planning & Development at 403-328-5525.

PDF - Do I Need a Development Permit?

PDF - Obtaining a Development Permit in Lethbridge County


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