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Lethbridge County recycling trailer

Recycling trailers are located throughout Lethbridge County.

Recycling Trailer Locations

*Please note that the Picture Butte recycling trailer is on site at all times and are available for public access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

 Diamond City Community Hall
 Iron Springs Postal Boxes
 McNally Community Hall
 Monarch Community Hall
 NoblefordTransfer Station
 Picture ButteSouth of Picture Butte postal box kiosk
 Readymade Community Hall
 Shaughnessy 1st Street & Highway 25
 Sunnyside School
 Turin Post Office

To aid in the efficiency of the recycling process products should be:

  • sorted
  • flattened
  • cleaned

Please remove caps from containers.

Accepted Recycle List

  • Newsprint and Magazines

    newspapers (inserts can stay in paper)
    non-glossy flyers
    T.V. Guide
    comics (printed on newsprint)
    all glossy magazines, coupons and paper
    computer paper
    white bond paper

  • Mixed Paper

    coloured computer paper
    junk mail
    note paper
    envelopes (white or coloured)
    loose leaf paper
    non-glossy coupons
    shredded paper, etc.

  • Cardboard (Flatten Boxes)

    corrugated boxes
    cereal boxes
    pasta, pizza boxes
    kleenix boxes
    paper towels and toilet paper rolls
    construction paper
    brown paper bags

  • Tin Cans (Must have label removed and cleaned)

    soup and vegetable cans
    pet food cans, etc.

  • Glass Jars (Labels and lids must be removed)

    clear glass jars

  • Plastic Containers (Must be rinsed out with cold water, caps removed and flattened)

    #2 containers only (look on bottom of jug)
    milk jugs
    dishwasher containers
    bleach jugs, etc.
    separated milk jugs

  • Empty Grain Bags and Twine (Iron Springs Transfer Station ONLY)

Rolled grain bags (visit Cleanfarms Grain Bags page for more information).

Electronics Recycling

Televisions, Computers and Peripherals are collected for recycling at the following Transfer Stations:

Station NamePhone Number
Coaldale(403) 345-0340
Iron Springs(403) 738-4964
Nobleford(403) 824-3158
Picture Butte(403) 732-4250

For more information on electronics recycling, visit the Alberta Recycling Management Authority website or call 1-888-999-8762 toll free.

The following is a list of products that we currently DO NOT ACCEPT

  • waxed cardboard boxes
  • milk and juice cartons
  • telephone books
  • books with glued or wired bindings
  • wood
  • styrofoam (egg cartons, packing chips, etc.)
  • plastic bags
  • oil and solvent cans
  • aerosol cans
  • batteries
  • carbon paper
  • facial tissue and paper towels
  • Christmas wrapping paper
  • paint cans

If you would like more information regarding Waste Management in the County, please contact:

Craig Praskach, Supervisor of Utility Services