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For GIS requests, please call 403-328-5525

GIS Links

What is GIS?

GIS, known as Geographical Information System, is a system of computer hardware and software, data and personnel capable of capturing, assembling, manipulating, storing, analyzing and displaying geographically referenced information. GIS technology is unique in that it provides the capability to visualize scenarios, produce maps, analyze trends and to develop effective solutions.

County's Application of GIS

The County GIS has various coverages which include: soil, Canadian Land Inventory for Agriculture, soil salinity, land ownership and boundaries, livestock data, hydrology, transportation, weeds, ortho photography (aerial photos), Irrigation Districts, Provincial County and Municipal District Boundaries and water well data.

This information can be used to help people make decisions regarding buying land, planning the construction of various projects, needing statistical information, etc. Internal staff are available to generate customized maps on request. Currently, the County map is generated from the GIS. Also, the GIS generates data for comments for development applications. Most recently, the GIS has been used to assist Council with public hearings and municipal issues.

In the future, we may see the GIS being utilized more regarding municipal management and public access. Perhaps more data sets will be acquired and be more readily available to people. The day is coming when the County's GIS will be connected to a conglomerate set of digital data. This information will consist of various governmental and private sector data. These partnerships will further strengthen Provincial and quite possibly Federal GIS.