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Click the link to view information on petitions: Petitions to Lethbridge County Council

Public Participation is an essential component of municipal government and is vital to Lethbridge County. “Listening” has been identified as a critical value in our 2019-2022 Strategic Plan. Council wants to hear from its citizens and encourages public input.

What Is A Petition To Council?

One way in which citizens and other groups often provide input is in the form of what people commonly refer to as a “petition”.

For example, members of a special interest group or neighbourhood sometimes submit identical letters that are individually signed (considered a letter-writing campaign), or a spreadsheet with names, addresses and signatures listed (frequently thought to be a petition by those who submit it).

While both above examples are ways to communicate an opinion about something to Council, neither are binding on Council or considered official petitions as defined and regulated in the Municipal Government Act.

Alberta’s Municipal Government Act regulates how petitions can be submitted to municipal Councils and criteria that determine if a petition is sufficient to be considered by a Council or not.

How Do I Create A Petition To Council?

Alberta Municipal Affairs has prepared a document titled “Petition to Council- Information for the General Public, Elected Officials and Municipal Officers” which explains the requirements and process to submit an official petition including who may petition, what can be petitioned and other general requirements.

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