Council Committees

The members of Lethbridge County Council serve on a variety of internal and external boards and committees. The committees review matters within their mandates and make recommendations for action to Council.

Internal Committees
Agricultural Service Board
Klaas VanderVeen, Lorne Hickey, John Kuerbis, Eric Van Essen, Logan Miller, Dan Chapman, Ken Coles
Audit Committee
Lorne Hickey, John Kuerbis, Eric Van Essen
Emergency Advisory Committee Mark Sayers, John Kuerbis, Eric Van Essen
External Committees
Agricultural Service Board Delegates with Voting Privileges
Lorne Hickey, Klaas VanderVeen
Barons-Eureka-Warner Family and Community Support Services 
Lorne Hickey
Chinook Arch Regional Library 
Tory Campbell
Coaldale Chamber of Commerce 
Mark Sayers
Community Futures Lethbridge Region 
John Kuerbis
County Irrigation and Alberta Irrigation Projects Association 
Morris Zeinstra, Klaas VanderVeen
County of Lethbridge Co-op Seed Cleaning Plant 
Morris Zeinstra
Economic Development Lethbridge 
Tory Campbell
Foothills-Little Bow

Green Acres Foundation 
Lorne Hickey
Highway 3 Twinning Development Association 
Eric Van Essen, John Kuerbis (Alternate)
Intermunicipal Committee – City of Lethbridge 
Lorne Hickey, Tory Campbell, John Kuerbis
Intermunicipal Committee – Town of Coaldale 
Mark Sayers, Tory Campbell, Lorne Hickey
Intermunicipal Committee – Town of Coalhurst 
Klaas VanderVeen, John Kuerbis, Morris Zeinstra
Intermunicipal Committee – Town of Nobleford 
Eric Van Essen, John Kuerbis
Intermunicipal Committee – Town of Picture Butte 
Klaas VanderVeen, Morris Zeinstra, Eric Van Essen
Intermunicipal Committee – Village of Barons 
Morris Zeinstra
Lethbridge & District Exhibition Board 
Tory Campbell
Lethbridge Regional Waste Management Services Commission 
Klaas VanderVeen, John Kuerbis
Lethbridge Regional Water Services Commission 
Mark Sayers, John Kuerbis
Malloy Drain Steering Committee 
Tory Campbell, Lorne Hickey, Mark Sayers (Alternate)
Oldman River Regional Services Commission 
Morris Zeinstra
Picture Butte Chamber of Commerce 
Eric Van Essen
Southern Alberta Energy from Waste Association 
Klaas VanderVeen
SouthGrow Regional Initiative 
Mark Sayers
Southern Regional Stormwater Drainage Committee 
Tory Campbell, Eric Van Essen (Alternate)
Water Co-op Liaison Committee
Mark Sayers, Klaas VanderVeen, John Kuerbis
Link Pathway Committee
Klaas VanderVeen, Morris Zeinstra