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Property Taxes

For a quick overview on 2024 Property Tax information, see our Property Tax Notice.

For more categorized, detailed information, use the menu below:

Assessment and property tax notices were mailed June 12 and payment is due by July 31, 2024.

There are several methods available for payment:

  • By mail
  • In-person at the Lethbridge Administration office, Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Outside of business hours use the drop box at the front door. Do not deposit cash into the drop box.
  • Through your bank
  • Online with a debit or credit card through Plastiq

A 5% penalty will apply after July 31 on outstanding tax balances. When paying online or through a bank, allow sufficient time for mail delivery or processing. Penalties will not be waived due to late receipt of payments.

If you do not receive your tax notice by June 26, you must call Lethbridge County at 403.328.5525. Due to delays at Alberta Land Titles, the County may not have received a record of all properties sold so far in 2024. Penalties will not be waived if you do not receive your notice and do not contact the County.

In addition to the municipal portion of taxes that the County collects for its own operations, you will notice provincial requisitions on your tax notice. The County is required to collect these on behalf of the provincial government. This includes school support and Green Acres Foundation (seniors housing) funding.

Council approved the 2024 tax rates at the May 17 Special Meeting. Due to unanticipated growth this year from commercial, wind and solar assessment, the County was able to minimize the Residential tax rate increase to only 0.21 per cent.

If you have questions regarding your tax and assessment notice, please contact the County Assessor at 403.328.5525.

The County has a Tax Installment Payment Program (TIPP) for ratepayers that prefer to pay their taxes monthly. Call our office at 403.328.5525 to enroll for the 2025 property tax year.


2024 Property Tax Notice

Property taxes help to fund municipal programs and services in Lethbridge County, including (but not limited to):

  • Road and sidewalk maintenance
  • Emergency services, Community Peace Officer, and fire service agreements with contracted fire departments
  • Snow removal and mowing
  • Agricultural Services (weed and pest control, etc.)
  • Park and playground maintenance
  • Planning and Development (ie. Municipal Development Plans, Growth Studies, Land Use Bylaw)
  • Economic Development
  • and much more!

Taxes are used to fund operating expenses, such as the activities listed above.  They are not used to fund capital projects like new equipment (graders, mowers, etc.), bridge construction, paving, or new playground equipment.

More information on where your property tax dollars go is available in the 2023 Budget.  Click to view: 2023 Budget

As with all municipalities in Alberta, Lethbridge County relies on property tax revenue to fund its various operations and ensure that County citizens and businesses have access to the infrastructure and services they need.

Each year, Council passes an Operating Budget based on these infrastructure and service needs.  The County then subtracts its sources of revenue (grants, user fees, sales of goods and services, etc.) from the Operating Budget to determine the amount of tax support needed to fund the budget through property taxes.

The County then calculates your property tax based on the total tax support needed and the assessed value of your property.  For more information on assessment, click the link: Lethbridge County Assessment

To view the 2023 Tax Rate Bylaw, click the link: Bylaw 24-011 - 2024 Tax Rate

Please note:

  • Payment is deemed to be received on the date the service provider remits the funds to Lethbridge County, not the date on which the payment was made.
  • Postdated cheques are accepted.


Enclose the remittance stub at the bottom of the notice with a cheque or money order.


Visit our Lethbridge office (#100, 905 4th Ave S) during business hours (Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m.- 4:30 p.m.).

The Picture Butte office remains closed to the public.

Payments can be deposited in our 24 hour "drop off box" available outside at the Lethbridge Office. Please do not deposit cash in the drop off box.

Please check with your financial institution to ensure they accept payments for Lethbridge County and allow 3 business days for processing.


Electronic payments must be received on or before the due date shown on the front of notice. Always allow sufficient time for processing.

Please contact the County at 403-328-5525 for more information.

You can pay Accounts Receivable, Utility and Tax bills through Plastiq, a third-party service provider that accepts MasterCard, Visa, Discover or American Express. Payments may take 2-3 business days to process and a Plastiq service fee will be applied (2.5% for credit cards).

To get started with Plastiq, select the link below:
Pay with Plastiq

Penalties apply to any unpaid portion of property taxes.  Penalties will be levied on unpaid accounts on the following dates:

  • July 31, 2024 - 5% penalty on current
  • September 31, 2024 - 5% penalty on current
  • November 30, 2024 - 5% penalty on current
  • January 31, 2025- 15% penalty on outstanding

Click the link to view: Bylaw 1273 - Tax Penalty Rate

For property owners who purchased their property this year (2024), be aware that the County may not yet have a record of your title due to delays at Alberta Land Titles. Contact the County at 403-328-5525 if you do not receive a tax notice by June 26.

The Seniors Property Tax Deferral Program allows eligible senior homeowners to defer all or part of their annual residential property taxes through a low-interest home equity loan with the Government of Alberta. 

For more information click on the link: Seniors Property Tax Deferral Program or visit the Government of Alberta's tax deferral page.

If you do not receive a tax notice you are still responsible to make your tax payment by the deadline.  Contact the County office at 403-328-5525 if you do not receive your tax notice.

To change your contact address with Lethbridge County, please fill out the Change of Address Form:

Please ensure you also change your mailing address on your legal land title by contacting Calgary Land Titles at 403-297-6511.

For questions about your property tax bill, please contact Lethbridge County at 403-328-5525 or send an e-mail.