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Public Works

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  1. Dust Control
  2. Road Bans
  3. Fees (sign requests, permits, approaches, crossings, road use agreements, etc.)
  4. Maintenance Level of Service

Public Works crews carry out the goals and objectives set by Council and senior management in a safe and efficient manner.  These functions can include: work crews engaged in the maintenance and repair of the County’s fleet; Summer and Winter Maintenance of the County’s paved and gravel road network including: sanding, snow plowing and removal; crack sealing, patching and minor paved road rehabilitation; gravel road grading, graveling, dust control and road re-conditioning; road signage and traffic control device(s) installation and maintenance; drainage and culvert maintenance. Due to the large geographic region of Lethbridge County and its heavy agricultural and intensive livestock operations, gravel road maintenance is one of the biggest challenges.  

If you would like more information regarding Public Works for the County, please contact: