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County Crier

Monthly newsletter

This newsletter is published online and e-mailed to residents who have subscribed to our mailing list.  It is available at the beginning of each month and provides information on upcoming public hearings, meetings, Council Meeting Briefs, updates on capital projects, community events, and more.  This newsletter is intended to provide information on more time-sensitive items that may not be able to be included in the County Connection.

To subscribe to the Lethbridge County Monthly Newsletter please see the form below.

County Connection

Quarterly newsletter

This newsletter is published online and sent to all residents who receive the Sunny South News.  The intention of the County Connection is to provide the citizens of Lethbridge County with information on the issues that we are facing as a County and to raise the awareness on the various services the County can provide. Each issue is published quarterly (Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall editions) and provides details on current projects the County is working on, information and updates on issues that concern our citizens, local community events, and a complete listing of County offices and contact numbers.

Agricultural Services Newsletters

Quarterly agriculture newsletter

This newsletter is published for our agricultural producers by the Agricultural Services department. It has information on pest management, nutrient management, County programs, and much more!

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