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Social Media

Connect with Lethbridge County on Social Media!  Click on the links to visit our pages:


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Lethbridge County’s social media pages are intended to be a source of information on County projects initiatives, events, emergencies, etc.  Accounts are updated as needed to share this information with citizens, businesses, and the public.

The County’s social media accounts are not monitored 24/7 and are not intended as a space for feedback or to report issues or emergencies.  

In an emergency, call 911.

Lethbridge County asks all users to be respectful on our social media pages, keep comments relevant, and follow our Social Media Code of Conduct.

Social Media Code of Conduct

To keep our social media pages a safe space for all, users are required to adhere to the following rules:

  1. The following will not be tolerated:
    • Harassment of other users, Lethbridge County Council, staff, or any other member of the community
    • Discrimination against other members of the community
    • Inappropriate language (ie. Vulgar, violent, pornographic, culturally insensitive, obscene, etc.)
    • Humour that is degrading, demeaning, offensive, etc. toward another user (ie. Gifs, memes, etc.)
    • Commercial advertising, self-promotion, or spam
    • Intentionally spreading misinformation, or unproven/inaccurate accusations against another person or organization
  2. The following are acceptable:
    • Asking questions or clarification on a post
    • Sharing Lethbridge County’s social media content
    • Respectfully engaging with other users

Posts or comments that violate Lethbridge County’s Social Media Code of Conduct will be removed from the page and the user will be notified and provided the reason for removal.  After three instances of removing inappropriate content, Lethbridge County will block the user.