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A gravel road in Lethbridge CountyLethbridge County has over 1,550 miles of roads: 900 miles are gravel and 138 are base stabilized (classified under our Haul Route Network, which is used by intensive livestock and farming operations, as well as businesses within the County who rely on our roads to get their products to market).

A large portion of the County's annual operating and capital budgets go toward maintaining our extensive and essential road network.

View the menus below to learn more about roads and road maintenance in Lethbridge County.

To learn more about road maintenance (grading, snow removal, mowing, etc.) and Council-approved Levels of Service, visit our Road Maintenance page.

Lethbridge County has many undeveloped road allowances. 

These may look like part of the agricultural landscape or coulee land but they are public lands - roadways that do not have a road constructed on them. 

Unless the road allowance is licensed to an adjacent landowner, it is public property and may be legally accessed by the public.  Although the road allowance itself may be public, the lands on either side are often privately owned. 

A typical road allowance is 20 meters wide, and any deviation from that area would be considered trespassing on private property.  Before entering onto land, be sure to check that you are not trespassing on someone else's property.  Please also remember that as per Lethbridge County Bylaw #1405, dogs on public property must be on a leash at all times.  Do not allow your dog to enter onto someone else's property or harass livestock.

View our interactive map below to view undeveloped road allowances:

An undeveloped road allowance can be identified within two orange lines and when you click on the area in between the lines, a box will appear stating the status of the area:Map of an undeveloped road allowance on Range Road 22-4 

Call 403-328-5525
Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Hard top road banned at 75%Hard top and gravel roads are banned each spring as temperatures rise and these roads become more susceptible to deterioration.  Equipment and heavy truck traffic are required to follow these bans to protect our valuable infrastructure system.  Lethbridge County announces road bans on our website, social media, and app when they are put in place and removed.

Click to view: Road Bans

To view current and upcoming scheduled road closures, or to sign up to receive notifications, click the link: Road Closures

County truck applying material to gravel roadThe County provides a dust control service at a 50/50 cost share each spring.  Material is laid down by a County crew and equipment to remedy dust on gravel roads.  Applications are typically accepted beginning in March and are due by April 1.

For more information, click the link: Dust Control Program

To report a road issue, fill out our online form: Report a Problem